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In September 2009 RheinReal was founded by Dirk Hindrichs after being on the executive board of a renowned Cologne based developer for more than 14 years. The idea was to set up an advisory firm for commercial real estate in the Cologne-Bonn area, covering all relevant asset classes, that combines excellent market knowledge with an understanding for both the owner’s perspective and the needs of potential tenants and investors. Experience and professionality is a matter of course throughout all our activities – we stand out from our competitors by adding personality, agility and passion to the advisory process. By doing so we achieve the best results for our clients’ real estate projects no matter if giving advice on new developments or refurbishments of non-performing assets, structuring investment processes from single assets up to portfolios or supporting investors on the buyer-side.

Our Philosophy


Client relationships matter. Throughout all real estate processes, we guarantee direct contact to our advisors. Our priority is to establish business relationships that are formed on mutual trust in order to align our interests in all advisory processes with those of our clients. Hence, we aim to achieve the maximum results for the side we advise by securing the success of the deal.


Sure, being passionate alone is not enough to be successful, but it drives us forward to accomplish the best results for our clients. We consider ourselves as real estate experts with long-term experience and an excellent network throughout the whole real estate industry. We keep ourselves up to date through intrinsic motivation and provide our customers with the latest information for their specific real estate projects


“[…]There is always one interesting twist[…]” All real estate projects are complex as markets are changing constantly, multiple stakeholders are involved and significant values are at stake. In almost all the processes we are engaged in we witness sudden changes of parameters. Therefore, agility is one of our key competences, ensuring fast adaption of our advisory approach and hence securing the success of the projects. 

We are looking forward to you getting in contact with us and advising you on your individual real-estate projects.